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This lined plaid shirt combines elegance and practicality. The automatic buttons merged with recycled leather details in collar and pockets give the garment uniqueness and comfort. The shirt it could be also used as a light jacket. 




·64% Cotton - %36 Linen. 


·The garment production is carried out in a radius of 50 km around Florence.


·The origin of raw material are made in Italy.



From Farm To Finish Line
The modern garment supply chain is immensely complex and conventional “Made In” labels offer a dangerously simplified truth.


Instead, we trace every step of our garments’ creation, from farm to finish line, so that both we at 0KUBE, and you as an individual, can make informed decisions about the clothing we choose to invest in.


The journey is started. Since the first day, our ambitious goal is to be 100% traceable and made in Italy.


0Kube believes that transparency is essential for consumers to understand what they are wearing and who made it, as well as under which conditions their clothes were made and their environmental impact.

Supplier and origin of raw material
Leggiuno SpA - Prato - Italy

Visited by 0KUBE team.
Company acts responsibly making changes that benefit the environment

Supplier from which the garment is manufactured and purchased
Giab's srl - Florence - Italy

Visited by 0KUBE team.
The organization behaves conducting business ethically and with sensitivity towards social

Model is wearing size SM
Model's (Inch): height 71 ; Chest 37; Waist 30 ; Collar 14,5
Model's (cm): height 181 ; Chest 93; Waist 76,2 ; Collar 36,83

ZeroKuBe believes that equitable conditions of employment are crucial for well-being of society and are central to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Wearing clothes that you love shouldn’t mean sacrificing your values. We work only with certified and regularly audited factories to ensure fair pay and good working conditions for all our garment workers.