0KuBe is a group of people with different skills, who work coordinated on individual projects, which we call capsules. 0KuBe team has chosen to produce garments that are not disposable, but that can remain in the wardrobe for years and can be used in the long term.

We don't tie ourselves to the seasons. We do not overproduce but try to produce quantities that can be sold. Fashion for us is expression, it is authenticity in wearing a garment, it is a state of mind that we are presenting. Fashion for us is also an important piece of the society we live in.



ZeroKuBe believes that equitable conditions of employment are crucial for well-being of society and are central to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. We work only with certified and regularly audited factories to ensure fair pay and good working conditions for all our garment workers. 

0Kube believes that transparency is essential for consumers to understand what they are wearing and who made it, as well as under which conditions their clothes were made and their environmental impact.



The client is the centre of this product. He/she becomes the designer of their jacket.

We are able to partner with a number of different artists to create bespoke products for our clients. This project is the union of the pure creative essence of the artist and his/her client, with "fashion items" made with unique fabrics, fine workmanship, for a totally handmade product. Each garment is made unique by exclusive graphics and details, chosen with the client. We use only recycled leather. All the items are painted or embroidered by hand.
Please see full details and our products in the MAKE TO ORDER section.



Responsible Consumerism on Fashion means to choose, not follow the mainstream. Each time we choose a brand or product, we are sponsoring the values and the system behind the product.

Each of our customers is an ambassador of this concept and represents the values ​​of 0kuBe in their environment. We became all part of the same changes and ideas.

0kuBe's project is to produce high quality, distinctive products, often in limited numbers, with a calendar not tied to the seasons. Responsible Consumerism on Fashion means to choose, not follow the mainstream.

Creativity is a habit, where the true sign is not knowledge but imagination.

Each of our customers wearing a 0KuBe garment shares this principle and supports us in continuing and believe in our work.


In order to conserve the beauty, resources, and inhabitability of the planet, it is important that our everyday decisions positively affect the planet. We are planning all our production in order to be closer to products eco-friendly. Our project is choosing high quality and responsibility and make products good for the environment and safer for consumers.