Each person has a creative side, which can be used to create the object. This in order to create something "lasting", not tied to seasons or trends. But linked to the person and his tastes, his values.

Our scope: create together a garment that can represent your creativity. So give a strong value to the garment made by you.

HOW TO START: Send a mail to:  We will get back to you with dates to make an introductory video call to get to know each other and define the main lines of the path to take together.

YOU – you put your creativity into it. You propose a graphic and we decide together how to position it and the technique with which to represent it.

TECHNIQUES: 0KuBe provides the techniques on how to represent graphics: painting, embroidery, relief printing.

PRODUCTION : made in Italy. 0KuBe will keep you updated on every single steps.

MATERIALS: leather is the material where you can paint with the best final result. We only use recycled leather, leather that we bought in abandoned warehouses and destined to be burned. We have selected and reinvigorated it ready to have a second life.

COLORS: 0kuBe paints with colors environmentally friendly and healthy. Their raw ingredients are all natural. 

MADE IN ITALY:  The garment will be entirely produced in Italy.

MODELS: woman- biker (leather) jacket. man: biker (leather) jacket. A pdf with all the reference measurements will be sent. The garment will be carried out in collaboration between the company and the final customer.