PEDRO G. <span style="color: #ff3300">(Portugal)</span>

PEDRO G. (Portugal)

Pedro Guimarães is a Contemporary Artist that enjoy this creative freedom, using a range of resources and materials. The possibilities are endless, and the paths are many.

Pedro Guimarães works with concepts and attitudes. We can find in his works figurative and abstract art and the contrast between both. It is characteristic in his work the originality and the desire to amaze. The rebellion and boldness of this Portuguese artist is evident in the desire to broaden the definition of art, looking for the junction of materials and techniques ever used.

The artwork of this Portuguese artist is based on a language created by himself where express their concepts and defining them as the “real transparent reaction of our consciousness with the synapses that make us unique and influence the direction of our concepts by associating colors, forms and symbols with the absolute. “(Pedro Guimarães 2011)

Filomena Castro Alves (Curator, Critic and Art Historian) wrote the art of Pedro Guimarães as follows: “Pedro Guimarães exposes the humanity in their work promoting the human figure in a much more challenging way, using and abusing in each of its creation of a critical analysis that has to be absorbed closely by the observer his work stands the double challenge of representing it at the highest level of demand and achieve the look of the spectators, that somehow visualize a critique of contemporary society, subtly displayed, but warning of the underlying plots to interpersonal relationships, exhibiting habits and customs of our time. In short, his painting is a technique in order to stimulate the senses and to convey emotions and ideas.

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