COBO <span style="color: #ff3300">(France)</span>

COBO (France)

Born in 1981 cObo is a free Street and Pop Art electron. This self-taught artist juggles with: drawing, painting, collages, sculptures, photographs, “customizations”.  On canvases where all other motley supports serve his art where his inspirations lie.  His masters, Frida Khalo, Dali, Toulouse Lautrec … have highlighted his emotions which give free rein to his art freed from any contingent of the classical rules of painting.

His approach to various expression techniques has been done over the years and cObo does not expect to be confined to what he masters.

In 2014, cObo left the Tarn for Haute Savoie where climate and physical break with his friendly circle, immersed him in art and propelled him into a recognized artistic spiral which until then had been intimate. This is followed by a number of punctual and contractual exhibitions, including in particular (for example: Starling Hotel, Next Door, in Geneva.)

Very attached to his hometown: Albi, cObo offered exhibitions and workshops for children there to communicate his passion, his writing of art.

Offering his techniques, while exhibiting his works, offers him moments of extraordinary sharing.

cObo offers a very modern pictorial and graphic universe by taking themes currently in vogue: fashion brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, artists from the world of music or Art like John Lennon, Basquiat or Frida .

The particularity of his works lies in the fact that he incorporates on each of his paintings an element in relief such as the heart or the skull.

The themes generally represented by the artist reflect the depths of his soul and his deep being. The heart is the organs that allow us all to live and nourish our whole body, isn’t it also the cradle of our loves of our sorrows sorrow joy hope and despair? The symbolism of the heart has been used extensively in popular expressions and cObo wanted to magnify it because it is the very essence of life, of our life!

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